Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directorsof Seaglass Village Condominium Association

June 26, 2020

Meeting held by teleconference. All Board Members were present. Judy Moseley was in the chair.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST.

President’s Report Opening went well.

Committee Reports

EMOC from John Snell: Five new speed bumps ordered. Three will be installed initially. Two more can be installed later. New front gate was postponed until later because it is currently working. EMOC recommended that Donnie go ahead and order gutters for the clubhouse. They will be delivered in July.

Entertainment Report from Susan Schlessel: Activities in July will be in accordance with the State’s guidelines.

Manager’s Report

Staffing: Dakotah who was interim front desk hire has resigned. Four people have applied for maintenance positions, no interviews yet. We currently have two full time maintenance people plus one temporary part time. Front desk has been advertised.

Painting program will begin July 13. Motion to allow a deferment for a maximum of one year. Passed unanimously.

Private campfires are allowed by the state.

Salt pool can be used with chlorine only until July 20, when it will be transitioned back to salt.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 5/17/2020 were approved unanimously.

Financial Report

Operations is showing a positive $13,192, including rentals. May numbers are not yet finalized as we are rolling forward any changes from the 2019 review.

Our COVID worst case budget model is showing a deficit of $17,700 as worst case scenario, assuming that we have no further income from rentals or Sandbar.

Total cost of pool repair was $170, 200. This is lower than expected. Collected on first assessment was $91,750, so the second assessment must collect $78,850, which is $382.52 per unit. The second assessment will be collected in February of 2021. Motion to that effect passed unanimously.

Last year we transferred from operations to reserves, but there was one bill unpaid, so it is necessary to transfer back $9,000. Motion to that effect passed unanimously.

Action Suggested by Jerry Schlessel

Requests that we seek from the City an increase in the lot coverage from 20% to 21%. Discussion. Was decided to act through a subcommittee of EMOC.

Discussion of receiving and notifying on packages shipped to cottage owners. Motion to allow packages to be received at 1 Old County Road address. Passed unanimously.

Discussion of COVID rules proposed by Jerry Schlessel. Motion to send to a subcommittee for consideration. Passed unanimously.

The meeting then went into recess to allow the Association Meeting to begin as scheduled, and then called back into session for further business.

Additional Business

Motion to reschedule the next Board of Directors meeting from 19 July to 26 July. This motion passed unanimously.

Motion to eliminate online sign in for the pools and allow walk-in first come first served. One session per day is allowed unless there are unused slots in another session. If people leave early, others may use their vacated positions. Six persons per cottage allowed. Passed unanimously.

Executive Session

Executive Session discussions are not journaled.

Return to Regular Session

Motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

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