Policy Reminders

Reminder to the Community on the SGV pet policy

  1. Pets need to be leashed at all times when not inside a unit

  2. When walking a pet on a leash, the pet needs to be within close proximity at all times

  3. Pets are to relieve themselves in designated areas and picked up after.

h. While outside a cottage, pets must be on a leash and closely attended unless in

the dog park. Pets may not be tied or chained outdoors. Installation of any pet

containment device including but not limited to invisible fence and overhead

cable and pulley runs is prohibited on the premises.

i. Pet owners may not allow pets to urinate or defecate on any Unit Owners

landscaped area. Pet owners are responsible for any legal issues which may arise

from failure to comply with this regulation.

j. Pets shall not be noisy, malicious or disturbing to other people or pets.


Lawn Ornaments, Flags and Banners

This is a friendly reminder from the ARC that any and all flags, banners, ornaments and lawn decorations are limited to 3 items per cottage and need an approved proposal to be placed on Seaglass property.

If you have any questions regarding these policies or if you need a copy of the Rules, Fines, and Enforcement Policy Handbook please contact the front desk at clubhouse@seaglassvillage.com.

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