Seaglass Village EMOC Committee August 17, 2019 Minutes

Attendees: John Snell, Carmine Sammarco, John Conners, Jerry Schlessel, John Bocchino, Donnie Sanborn, Mickey Meza

• Minutes of July 13th and July 27th were approved

• EMOC proposals:

• Cottage #415 - Install gutter and downspout over door (approved).

• Cottage #148 – 12 x 18 sign for no parking on lawn (referred to ARC)

• Cottage #419 – outdoor pole light on side of house (referred to ARC)

• Cottage #608 – Looking to hang 3 planters on deck. Donnie to find out if there will be just these 3 hangings and no other ornaments on house or yard)

• Policy updates:

• Gutter policy to be updated with new deflector gutters for 3 season cottages. John C. to add specifications on placement for uniformity.

• Special Projects:

• EMOC reviewed GM’s update list

• Replacement of water heater program – Carmine waiting on quote from Bob Tozier.

• The a/c unit in front guard house is not used often. Okay to replace but with just an a/c unit (no heat). Maybe replace with a unit being replaced in one of the cottages.

• Speed bumps – look into removable speed bumps to test. Recommend buy 2 to test.

• Other Business:

• Budget – A lengthy discuss was had on the budget

• Jerry led the discussion and commented that he has split the budget into two sections

◦ Large items (to be itemized)

◦ Comsumables (to be lumped into appropriate catagories)

• John S. and Carmine will work with Donnie and Chris to vet out all the pool needs for the next few years including routine mtce and consumables as well as major fixes.

• All agreed on above items

• Next meeting will be on August 24th at 8:00 AM EST so long as Bobbi has put the numbers on spread sheet for EMOC to digest and discuss.

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