EMOC Meeting Minutes 03/16/21

Updated: Apr 4

Meeting Start: 5:00 pm Meeting End: 5:35 pm


John Snell (Chair)

John C.

Jerry S.

Mickey M.

Ron H.

John B.

Meetings minutes from 16-Feb-2021 were approved.


1) Update on water heaters and smoke detector replacement programs.

2) PPE money – is priority list finalized?

3) Maintenance shed – four contractors have been contacted by Donnie. What are we constructing, concrete pad with water/sewer, full electrical, or glorified shed on concrete blocks with pressure treated floor?

4) Decision on truck – several paths, as discussed last meeting, to recommend to BOD (buy, trade, lease). According to Donnie current truck is running poorly and should be traded in.

5) Maintenance Cart status – according to Donnie it is on order, what does that mean (lease new vs. buy used).

Agenda items are listed below in order that they were discussed.

Agenda Item #4

 Jerry and Mickey disagree that the truck is running poorly. Steve, the new maintenance lead, confirmed and says that the truck is fine.

 Per John B. - we have to buy at the end of the lease, then Stoneham Ford will buy it from us at market rate (about $5K more than what we pay to buyout the lease) and apply the difference towards a new lease.

 John B. suggests that we should get a truck with a plow, F250 or Chevy, or find a used vehicle.

 Jerry thinks we should buy the current truck at the residual value since it is low mileage (11K) and in great shape.

 John B. says we need to have the torque converter checked at the dealer – they will will have to reprogram the computer.

 EMOC will recommend to the BOD that Seaglass should buy the current truck and keep for SG use. Expected total cost around $27K.

Agenda Item #5

 The cart has been purchased and is being refurbished.

Agenda Item #3

 To get quotes from contractors, we need to ask for quotes for a 2-bay garage on a slab with power and water, instead of calling it a shed.

 John S. asking for Angel or Steve to take garage project over from Donnie. Other maintenance related activities include:

 Steve is taking care of landscaping and pool for opening.

 Bob Tozier is going to start opening as soon as the weather breaks. Expected to be in early April.

Agenda Item #2

 Angel will have to take over using the PPE money to replace pool furniture.  Per Mickey - Steve will start sorting through the furniture that will move from the Clubhouse to the Family pool.

Agenda Item #1

 No update. Still need to get quotes from Tozier

New Business

 Per Mickey - outside pole heaters (4) were purchased by Entertainment Committee. We need four (4) 30 lb proprane tanks. There maybe two (2) more coming (possibly purchased by Donnie).

 Planters at the clubhouse are on the list to be rebuilt.

 Gable end lighting at the clubhouse and on the fence – we need an guestimate from Ron H. since we are going to do this work in-house.

 JB asking about speakers right outside the Sandbar. Just background music.

 Mickey is going to reach out to Dave Cahill for help on contractors and other labor resources.

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