EMOC MEETING 10/6/2020



John S. (Chair)

Jerry S.

John B.

John C.

Ron H.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction of new member Ron Hennessey

  2. Discussion of Shed

  3. Water Heater replacement

  4. Closing concerns

  5. Dates for future meeting and items to be addressed

1. Ron Hennessy (#601) was introduced to the committee as the newest member. Ron will be a welcomed addition who brings many years of experience as a Master Electrician.

2. Maintenance Shed

The purchase and installation of a maintenance shed was added to the budget to be installed in the spring of 2021. The amount budgeted was $15,000.

After much discussion the following was agreed upon:

A prefab shed from is a simpler path since we may not need a general contractor to pull a permit for site-built. There are many companies that can deliver and erect a fully assembled, or mostly assembled, building that can be placed on a gravel bed without requiring a concrete slab. The shed will be placed to the left of the Rental Office in the area of the existing small shed. Given the $15K budget, it is estimated that we can purchase a good quality shed at or around 16’ wide x 24’ deep. Furthermore, the architectural style and color scheme of the shed must compliment the Seaglass style, specifically the Rental Office which is the building in closest proximity. We can add electricity at a later date using a combination of outside contractors, SGV personnel and SGV owner(s). We will need to pull a basic permit with the town to ensure the building meets all town setback requirements. Donnie will be responsible for getting quotes and design approval, prior to purchase, from EMOC. In Summary – purchase shed, install next spring, added electric and/or water next summer.

3. Water heater replacement program

The BOD would like a program in place for owner’s to replace hot water tanks which typically have an 8-10 year life. There are approximately 65 cottages that are in this timeframe or beyond. Jerry S. suggested that we add these other owner “paid for” maintenance items to the painting schedule list in MS Excel. In addition to water heaters, there are other items such as smoke detectors that have a finite life span that should be scheduled as well.

i. Hot Water Heaters – John Snell will contact Bob Tozier Plumbing about a

standard cost if SGV can get a minimum number to sign up for replacement.

ii. Smoke Detectors – Ron Hennessy will contact a local electrician to get a

quote for per cottage replacement.

1. Most cottages have 5 smoke detectors, although it is possible that

there may be more or less.

2. It should be noted that all the smoke detectors must be replaced at

the same time; one cannot only replace one or two.

3. Owners should be aware that the smoke detectors are wired in at

120V and DIY replacement could be dangerous.

iii. Painting – a program is already in place

iv. Roofs – no program in place, life cycle of typical roof is 25 years

4. Cottage Closing

Donnies is working on closing contracts. Notifications have gone out to the community and the process appears to be working smoothly.

5. Meetings will be scheduled for Tuesday afternoons at 5pm on the following dates:

2020: Oct 27 Nov 17 Dec 15

2021: Jan 19 Feb 16 Mar 16 Apr 20

6. New Business

Jerry participated in several walk downs related to the ARC and EMOC committees to document the condition of cottages with respect to Seaglass rules. Specifically, he informed EMOC of items observed that do not comply with current EMOC policies and that EMOC will need to make recommendations to the BOD. The following documents attachments to the building structure found during the recent walkdowns:

Sprinkler controllers were put on trim/siding.

COMMENT: The applicable policy will need to be modified to identify a difference

between attachments to the structure that are functional/utility versus ornamental.

Some cottages have added a 3rd and 4th electrical outlet to the exterior of the


Thermometers mounted to the exterior frame of a window.

Signs on cottages.

Items were found mounted to the decks and skirt boards.

In the near future EMOC will receive a full listing by cottage with details of observed violations. EMOC will review, discuss and develop a set of recommendations for the BOD to ensure that all cottages are conforming to Seaglass building attachment policies.


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