Rental Committee Minutes - 08/11/19

Rental Committee Meeting

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Attendees: Lorraine DeVaux, Sherrie Gordon, Nancy Fields, Joe Noonan

Phone: Marti Breden, Brandy Ingham, Bill Clarke

  • New cleaning person onsite with Donnie today. Bringing her up to speed and she’ll do turnovers during the week. She can’t do any Saturdays this year. She is lined up for next year. Brandy and Donnie will have to assist with cleaning. Can we bring in extra hands for the next couple of weeks – local cleaning people – hire them for a few hours on Saturdays as an employee. Marti has a couple names.

  • Booking and financials update

  • Agenda for owners 8/18 meeting

  • Mirror hang tags - current inventory and reprinting with 15MPH in larger print. Brandy to send Lorraine the file – she prints these on-demand.

  • Staff & cleaning company capacity to handle 29 cottages

  • Areas for creating efficiencies

  • Check-in packets - printing rules sheets in bulk

  • Participation cap or restrictions

  • Action items from July's meeting

  • notifying/reminding owners of their cleaning responsibilities when private booking

  • Signage review - and are they the correct phone numbers

  • T&C review/consolidation and flyers for cottage

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