Sunday, March 21, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Committee Members Present: Lorraine DeVaux (co-chair), Nancy Fields (co-chair), Alana Betts, Mike Hoyle, Bill Clarke

Also present: cottage owners Kathy Crouch, Karen Crouch

Committee and staff roles

  • Reviewed/redefined the roles and responsibilities

  • Full time rental manager + part time rental agent

  • 2020 Rental Office Hours - Fri 9-6, Sat 9-9, Sun-Thurs 9-5

  • Phone interviews set up for next week

  • Once Rental Manager is hired, review how committee can be of best support to staff

Current rental report

  • 27 cottages in program

  • Reiterate there is a “make your cottage available for rental through the Rental Program for a minimum of 4 high-season weeks (July and August) Page 11, paragraph 1 of rental contract)

  • There are some cottages not participating – rental manager will work directly with the cottage owner to enforce

  • Need strong reports (ie, overall and per-cottage occupancy rate) to distribute to Committee each month for review/discussion.

  • New Rental Manger will be responsible for pulling/distributing each month along with financial reports

Action items:

  • Lorraine, Donnie and Alana to review what reports can be pulled from Guesty.


  • Lorraine updated that new rental packets are on the way (pocket folders, rules, amenities, check-out procedures, wi-fi information, renter comment card, and Sandbar coupon). Packets can be put together ahead of time, which will save staff time

  • Rental manager’s responsibility to update in cottage descriptions and photos on both website and Guesty

  • Allow each renter to enter updated and fresh descriptions of their cottage along with updated photos. With or without photos of the Seaglass Village Adult only amenities. 

  • This is the rental manager’s responsibility. Alana will ensure that all cottages are brought up to date

  • Discussed allowing owners to designate their cottage as "Family Friendly" or "Adults Only" to prevent stress on the Rental Management team over children. 

  • Review automated messaging timing – 3 days out, reminder the day before. What goes out the day after check in, mid-week, after check out.

Action items:

  • Alana to confirm chamber membership and trolley advertising

  • Implement increased marketing to past renters

  • Alana to research short-term rental rules re: age discrimination in advertising. Do we follow the same fair housing rules as for-sale properties?

2020 Rental Meeting Schedule

  • Committee agreed to meeting on last Sunday of each month at 10am.

Action items:

  • Lorraine to update SGF calendar

Coronavirus Response

  • Recommendation to Board is to release communication to upcoming renters, past renters, and the public (via website and Facebook) that we have implemented the following protocols and precautions:

  • Gate code, directions to cottage and other instructions sent to renter prior to arrival

  • Key boxes at rental cottage – code will match gate entry code

  • Rental packets are pre-assembled and left in the cottage

  • Starting April 1, Sheets and towels are sealed at the cleaner, not touched by ungloved hands

  • Explain why guests are requested to make their own beds

  • Cottage cleaning procedures should be outlined to renter

  • Key return procedure – also no face-to-face contact required

  • Implement no-fee cancellation policy

  • Share information re: local restaurants doing take-out and delivery

Action items:

  • Alana to get cleaning checklist including info re: sanitization products and procedures – send to Lorraine

  • Lorraine to draft message

For Discussion at Next Meeting

  • Need to work out procedures for private rentals

  • How will renter get email w/instructions and directions to cottage

  • $75 registration fee – staff appears to be doing less work, so is this fee still equitable?

  • Are linens included?

  • Consider shorter term rentals in peak season – re-evaluate as Coronavirus situation evolves.

  • Discuss new sheet process – once coronavirus emergency has passed, is it wise to have renters make their own beds (we’re a high-end facility, some renters are elderly, etc.)

  • Re-evaluate the requirement of owners needing to be in program for 4 weeks during peak – that requirement was instituted from when we had to advertise each individual cottage. We didn’t want to pay VRBO the fee, and not get ROI – with all the cottages in the program now, do we still need this requirement?

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